Powering Trust in your business

A comprehensive platform to secure the entire compliance KYC, KYB, AML journey of all of your customers, drivers, employees, sellers, businesses or tenants.

Universal Platform

Intelligent journeys that prevent Identity Fraud

A comprehensive suite of customisable tools to streamline your onboarding process for identity verification, age verification, KYC & AML compliance, video onboarding, biometric login, right to work and rent checks, driver verification, employee verification, seller verification, delivery verification, and biometric protection for high risk transactions.

Our Technology

Key building blocks that personalize your journey

Amani Veritas

Custom identity verification for all case studies

100% proprietary APIs which can be completely personalised with custom validations to deliver fully automated onboarding journeys in less than 30 seconds.

Amani Vida

Biometric verificiation with advanced features

Combining custom 3D models, passive segmental liveness detection, age & gender detection and behaviour detection models with zero racial bias.

Amani Video

Video KYC for highly regulated industries

A fully guided, internal agent driven, synchronous video KYC onboarding platform with real time fully automated identity and biometric verification.

Amani Vista

Ongoing AML screening

Comprehensive ai-powered sanctions screening, PEP checks and adverse media checks to reduce compliance risks & costs fully integrated in the Amani Studio.

Phone & Email Verification

Anti fraud device verification

Verify your new accounts with SMS one-time pass codes (OTPs), phone number verification & email verification to augment the verification journey & prevent device fraud.

Address Verification

Verify and match addresses

Efficiently extract an individual’s address from their identity document through OCR and match against the user-provided address in real-time.

Amani e-Sign

User-friendly electronic signature solution

Sign and conclude contracts with your customers online without any additional hardware.

Bulk Upload & Data Migration

Easy migration and large data transfer

Bulk transfer large amounts of data via a simple PDF, JPEG or JSON file upload for a super easy migration process.

Amani Studio

Advanced dynamic client portal

A client portal with advanced security and functionality features that maintains your onboarding documents with custom alerts and a full audit trail.


The most innovative, 100% proprietary, identity verification and biometrics solution


International compliance
authorities certificates

GDPR Compliant
UK DIATF Certified
PAS 1296:2018 Certified
NIST Certified
Why Amani?

We proudly support businesses like yours to customise your onboarding journeys, reduce fraud and meet regulatory obligations.

More Customers

Use our Smart Capture SDK to onboard more customers and make a great first impression with 100% automation.

Fight Fraud

Prevent identity fraud with our award-winning verification and biometrics tools & fraud detection engines.

Maximize Compliance

Ensure compliance with global and local regulations, including KYC, AML, and age verification requirements.

Reduce Costs

Significantly reduce costs by fully automating the Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering process.

Our Performance

Our technology completely eliminates bias & maximises conversion rates

The Amani Modules are built in-house by our team of highly experienced AI and Computer Vision Engineers using proprietary AI Models and Engines. We adapt quickly to the changing nature of identity and biometric fraud to deliver the most accurate, customisable, secure, and innovative IDV & Biometrics Technology available in the market.


face liveness FMR at a success rate of 98.8%


fraud detection accuracy

<5 seconds

document processing time

24 hours

to support a new document

Designed for developers

Integrate the most powerful and easy-to-use APIs & SDKs

Integrate in 15 minutes with our API & SDK options or 5 minutes with our low code, no integration option. We can deploy on any cloud or on-premise giving you access to all geographies.

Documentation to configure and integrate

Detailed Documentation

Product Guides

API Reference for quick and efficient integration

API Libraries

Multi-platform support

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