Amani Veritas

A solution that meets your region’s regulatory requirements

A next-gen proprietary solution for onboarding any number of users worldwide, powered by a verification engine that supports a new identity document in just 24 hours

Ultimate compliance

Meet compliance regulations effortlessly (KYC, AML, CIP, GDPR) and accurately store customer data to protect your business & customers with a full audit trail.


We do not use augmented AI. Our identity verification and biometrics engine has a fully automated ai-driven verification process that verifies customers in real time.

Fight fraud

Let customers in and keep bad actors out with ai-powered automation that detects fraud quickly and fully supports a new document in less than 48hrs.

Latest Technology Stacks

Proprietary ID Verification & Biometrics leverage the latest technology stacks, enabling rapid issue resolution and reducing failure/dropout rates effectively.


100% Ai for optimum performance and conversion

At Amani we strictly use the latest and flexible technology stacks. Our SDKs run 100% AI that fully automates the verification process as well as our auto-capture that eliminates poor quality image uploads in just under 25MB.

Our latest Ai tech stacks are trained on a dataset exceeding 50 billion points.

We process documents both on the client side and server side to maximise security.

Perfect Document Capture

Auto Capture

Our auto capture engine removes potential user error and ensures a perfect quality image is captured every time to maximise conversion rates.

Image correction & light enhancement

Image correction &
light enhancement

We normalise images of identity documents to account for variability with lighting levels and lower quality cameras.

Our advanced engine specs

NFC Capture

Tap an ID against a NFC enabled device to extract critical fields & photo, validate the root certificate and cross check to the MRZ.

Document Liveness

Our advanced document liveness engine ensures the image captured is of a real document and not a copy or screenshot of one.

Dynamic Validation Engine

A 116+ point validation engine designed to validate ID and is fully configurable depending on your risk appetite.

Fraud Detection

A state of the art fraud engine with proprietary fraud algorithms, special features analysis, font checks, spatial analysis and security patterns.

Where Veritas adds value

Identity Verification

We have implemented ID verification & facial recognition to ensure the integrity of customer accounts with technology that out-performs & out-prices the largest IDV providers.

Know Your Customer

Fulfil your KYC needs with a library of award-winning document and biometric verification solutions, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals.

Right to Work

Identity validation technology services that help if you’re looking for a way to improve Right to Work compliance and streamline your staff on-boarding checks.

Right to Rent

If you’re looking for a way to improve and streamline your Right to Rent checks our identity document validation technology (IDVT) services will help.

How to engage with Veritas

Amani Veritas, can be adapted to meet your requirements

Amani Veritas is our advanced IDV platform, comprising our highest security, international standard Identity and Biometrics technology. This platform is suited to those industries with the highest risk appetites and regulatory requirements.

Start up Solution

Get started quickly with out-of-the-box KYC and identity verification

SME Solution

Scale your identity operations with Amani’s fully configurable platform

Enterprise Solution

Fully tailored solutions for all of your identity needs

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