Phone & Email Verification

Add another layer of protection to your verification flows

Ensure your users are associated with email addresses and phone numbers to inform your identity operations.

Reduce User

Users can verify their identity within seconds using minimal information such as their name and either phone number or email address.

Completion Rates

Safeguard against user dropout by employing fallback verification methods, ensuring completion even if initial verification fails.

Verify Ownership
and Reputation

Safeguard against fraudulent access by verifying users’ ownership and reputation of provided phone numbers and email addresses.

Enhance Customer Experience

Reduce friction for users, leading to smoother interactions and increased satisfaction with your platform or service.

SMS Verification

Utilize high-quality SMS or voice routes for reliable delivery of one-time passwords (OTPs), ensuring secure verification of customers through multi-factor authentication (MFA) across global locations.

Silent Verification

Minimize friction and expedite verification processes by
instantly matching the user’s phone number with Mobile
Station International Subscriber Directory
Number (MSISDN) to verify the user is in possession of
the device.

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