Satisfy global compliance

Navigate evolving regulatory and compliance requirements across core markets and regions. Satisfy KYC and AML compliance regulations without hindering growth.

Avoid regulatory fines

Avoid non-compliance penalty fines, improving your reputation and maximising your bottom line.

Protect your brand

Safeguard not only your customers, but also your reputation from compliance failings.

Earn trust

Show the world you’re doing everything possible to protect your existing customers.

KYC & AML Compliance at a glance

Our expertise lies in verifying customer identities, assessing risks, and implementing robust measures to prevent financial crimes like money laundering and fraud. By ensuring compliance with KYC and AML regulations, we help businesses protect their reputation, minimize legal risks, and maintain the integrity of the financial system. With our cutting-edge technology and experienced team, we provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives with confidence. Amani is your trusted partner for comprehensive KYC and AML Compliance services.

Retail Customer KYC

Risk based models to provide a frictionless KYC process

The unit cost of a manual KYC process for a retail customer is too high. Automate this process with Amani and not only materially reduce your costs but also maximise your compliance procedure with a full audit trail and enhance your customer’s experience for higher risk cases.

Corporate Customer KYC

A specialised platform to support corporate documents

In addition to all the features of the Retail KYC modules, we provide our partners with the ability to upload and validate shareholder and director identity documents as well the required corporate documents such as trade licences, incorporation certificates and memorandum articles.


KYC & AML for your industry


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