Amani Video

Swift online verification via agent assisted video chat

A compliant video onboarding platform for banks and any other organisation with the strictest onboarding requirements.

High Assurance Identification

Ensure it’s really your customers making high-value transactions, password resets and profile amendments with our 4D biometrics engine.

No Need to Hire KYC Experts

Create a safe business to customer environment and massively improve customer experience with our biometric re-authentication engine.

100% Banking Compliance

Securely verify users & store their data within your country’s jurisdiction. Embed into your own app or a standalone branded app.

Cost-effective Solution

Reduce customer drop-off rates by verifying their identities without the need for user prompting. There is no active liveness here!

Challenges in Video Onboarding

Extended video times lead to customer dropouts during the verification process.

Call centres

IDV providers have implemented a call centre infrastructure which leads to high cost and long waiting times

Customer dropout

Call centres dealing with high traffic are forced to apply waiting times which leads to churn

Strict regulations

Video onboarding is typically used for hard regulated industries which require a robust verification process

Guided Agent Workflow

Seamless Video KYC Verification

Minimal training needed to implement live video KYC call verification so you can collect the necessary documentation and meet local regulations.

Video KYC features

Video onboarding in a nutshell

Amani’s synchronous video call technology is performed in real-time and without interruption by taking required technical and organisational measures.

Verify your customer’s identity within 60 seconds.

All the customer needs is internet access, a computer with a webcam, a smartphone or tablet and their identity documents.

Real time engines

Our IDV & biometrics engines run simultaneously on the video call so your customers are verified in seconds.

Synchronous video calls

Integrated into our SDK in order to facilitate, record and store sessions in our document management studio.

Call scheduling

Schedule and send a date and time to your customers preventing long call queues and high abandonment rates.

Audit trail

Video calls are recorded and stored with key interaction time stamps for easy playback for a full audit trail.

Meet our other feature sets

Amani Engines Embedded

Our advanced ID verification and Biometrics engines are embedded so you can verify your users all at once.

Full Video Voice Recording

Synchronous video calls are recorded and stored with key interaction time stamps for easy playback.

How Amani Video works

What your customer sees

100% synchronous video onboarding without the prolonged waiting lists

All the customer needs is Internet access, a computer with webcam, a smartphone or tablet and their valid identity document

What the agent sees

100% guided video KYC that cuts out huge budgets for call centres and training

Our video KYC process is completely guided with predetermined steps so you can collect the necessary documentation and meet local regulations

How to engage with Video

Amani Video empowers your customers and secures your business

Seamless online identification via expert-assisted video chat – 24/7. Coupled with our digital signature and smart contract module, you can provide a 100% banking complaint solution to your customers. They sign up with ease, you minimise paperwork!

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