Amani Vista

Onboarding & Ongoing AML screening

Comprehensive ai-powered sanctions screening, PEP checks and adverse media checks to reduce any compliance risks with costs being fully integrated in the Amani Studio.

Reduce False
Positives Effortlessly

Tailor screening and criteria to gain control over your match rate without engineering extensive resources.

Automate Ongoing Monitoring

Set up automated screenings to monitor users regularly, ensuring compliance with AML regulations.

Protect Your

Utilize data-driven methods to identify and prevent fraud in real-time, thereby safeguarding.

Maintain AML

Combine KYC, AML, and KYB verification with transaction monitoring to identify and swiftly report suspicious activities.

Real-Time Sanctions
and Watchlists

Safeguard your business from financial crimes and potential fines with our continuously updated global sanctions data. Streamline your AML control process and lessen your workload through our robust API automation.

PEP Data

Enabling businesses to identify high-risk customer groups effortlessly. With data collected and structured from worldwide sources, businesses can assess customer risk and protect their reputation using our global PEP data.

Adverse Media

Enjoy peace of mind with a complete audit trail of all customer profile actions, logged and timestamped for regulatory compliance. Amani Studio prioritizes security by providing transparent internal monitoring.

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