Biometric Login

Facial Biometric Authentication for Ongoing KYC

Amani’s biometric authentication technology uses 3D liveness detection to quickly and securely authenticate users with a selfie.

Ditch passwords

Help returning customers remain your customers without having to recall unreliable security questions.

Prevent account takeover

Bolster security by helping users secure accounts against leaked passwords and phishing scams.

Give access with confidence

Whether you’re renting a car or hosting a person in an apartment, ensure that it’s still the right person getting access.

Biometric Login at a glance

Experience the future of secure and effortless authentication with our Biometric Login service. Powered by advanced 3D liveness detection technology, users can quickly and securely authenticate themselves with a simple selfie. Say goodbye to unreliable security questions and provide a seamless user experience for returning customers. Whether it’s renting a car or granting access to a property, our Biometric Login ensures that only the right person gains entry. Embrace the power of biometrics and revolutionize your authentication process. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge Biometric Login service.

Step 1: Passwordless

User confirms bio-login process to sign into account

Your customers can enable bio-login to sign into their account only using their face biometrics. Our advanced 3D liveness detection technology provides a quick and secure authentication with a simple selfie.

Step 2: Bio Login

A simple selfie is all a user needs

Your customer can sign in, make account changes or complete transactions with a simple and fast selfie. Give access with confidence, and ensure that it’s always the right person getting access.

Step 3: Biologin Complete

The user completes bio-login successfully

Users can swiftly verify their identity without the need for unreliable security questions. Our Biometric Login ensures that only authorized individuals gain entry. Get in touch with us to embrace the future of authentication and provide a seamless user experience.


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