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From 1000 verifications per month

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

Take advantage of everything Amani Ai offers with all-in-one verification portal. Verify documents, business entities, and transactions; review corner case quickly; and customize verification flows for maximum pass rates worldwide.

  • All of Growth Packages

  • Video KYC Package

  • Build customized identity programs for KYC/AML, fraud prevention, and trust and safety.

  • Custom multi-organization partitioning and support

  • Early access to new products and services

  • Get more with custom pricing structures

  • API Integrations


Onboard users all over the globe with a rapid and frictionless verification flow

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  • ID Verification & Liveness
  • AML Screening
  • Non-Doc Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Video Identification


Instantly detect fraudulent transactions with a flexible risk-management solution

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  • 300+ ready-to-use risk scenarios
  • Deep Analytics
  • SARs


Set up verification flows, analyze indicators, investigate cases, and file reports in a single window

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  • Custom workflows
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Team collaboration & delegation rules
  • Investigation & analytics
  • SARs


Perform full-cycle KYB verification and UBO screening in a simple, user-friendly workflow

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  • Automated registry & AML screening
  • UBO check
  • Comprehensive business verification

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For small businesses, right to work & right to rent

Per verification

$149 min monthly commitment

Key features

  • Identity Verification
  • Selfie with Liveness
  • ID Fraud Engine
  • Standard SDK & API
  • Studio Access
  • Questionnaire


For businesses committed to regulatory compliance

Per verification

$299 min monthly commitment

Key features

  • Everything in Basic
  • AML Screening
  • AML Ongoing Monitoring
  • Address Verification

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Verification Essentials

Team members


ID verification Confirms whether a document is authentic, legitimate, and free of forgery or alteration.

Face match & Face liveness Biometric analysis of a person's facial movements that's compared with photos on submitted documents. This is to ensure that a person is truly present and that their documents belong to them.

Age detection Deep learning models that accurately predict the age of individuals, ensuring that users meet the required age criteria.

Gender detection Deep learning models that accurately predict individual’s gender.

AML screening Protect your reputation by checking if applicants are politically-exposed persons or present on watchlists, sanction lists, and adverse media.

ID Document data extraction Extraction of the full visual and machine readable zones in identity documents.

Verification extras

Biologin Authenticate users with a quick liveness check prior to risky actions or logging in

+ $0.35

Address verification Check if customers actually live at their claimed address by extracting information from a range of documents, including utility bills, bank statements, tax invoices, and passports

+ $1.35

Address data extraction (3 fields) Extract address data with Al-powered character recognition that works with different languages and scripts.

Email verification Ensures that clients use valid email addresses that truly belong to them.


Phone verification Use verification codes to ensure that clients use valid phone numbers that truly belong to them. We support alphanumeric sender IDs in most countries, so users can receive a verification code with ease.

+ $0.03 per successful verification, plus "SMS notification service" fees
+ $0.03 per successful verification, plus "SMS notification service" fees

Signature verification Ensure contract completion with our signature verification engine.

Ongoing AML monitoring Monitor AML watchlists on a daily basis to see if existing customers are listed on sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media databases.

+ $0.07 per check

Ongoing ID document monitoring Make sure documents are valid with automated daily checks that keep you posted on incoming expiration dates.

+ $0.02 per document

Questionnaires Get the answers you need with friendly surveys that let users upload whatever files necessary.

+ $100/month
+ $100/month

SMS notification service High quality SMS and voice routes used for reliable OTP delivery, ensuring secure multi-factor authentication worldwide.

+ $0.08 per SMS when using Amani account in Twilio
+ $0.08 per SMS when using Amani account in Twilio

Additional team members

+ $20 per month (for each active account) when the plan limit is exceeded
+ $20 per month (for each active account) when the plan limit is exceeded


Free trial

Sandbox integration Perfect your verification flow in the testing environment before going live.

Coverage for 220 countries & 14,000+ documents

Verification flow in 35 languages Our SDK can be translated into 35 supported languages in just a few clicks, keeping your integration process smooth no matter where you work.

Country and document types restrictions Increase conversion rates by choosing which documents you'd like us to support or filter out.

Verification Flow

Auto image capture Make sure clients properly photograph their documents on the first try, increasing conversion rates overall.

Customisable design Customize your verification flow with CSS and custom images

Continue verification on mobile Let users complete their verification journey on other devices. For example, it may be easier for some to pass liveness using a smartphone camera, rather than a PC.

Fast fail Give clients a heads up when they upload poor-quality photos to ensure they pass verification in one go

Team roles and permissions Create different roles with permissions based on your own company structure— without wasting time on setting permissions for each team member individually.

Dashboard Get insights into your audience, conversions, verification performance, and other vital metrics with clear-cut graphs and data.

PDF export You can provide detailed reports on your verification process in PDF form at any time, right from the Amani dashboard.

Technical support & case management Technical support & case management


Fraud Prevention

Security features checks We check various hidden parameters to ensure ID authenticity and prevent fraud.

Screenshots & screen recapture Ensure that genuine photographs are submitted, rather than screenshots or false projections.

Document liveness Ensure the image captured is of a real document and not a copy or screenshot of a document.

Anti spoofing checks Protect against deep-fake and spoofing attacks with our advanced anti-spoofing engine. Our real-time deep learning models are trained on one of the world’s largest datasets.

Sum check digits Ensure the accuracy of sum check digits on MRZ and IDN with our Anti Fraud engine.

Font analysis Font type and size checks performed by our Anti Fraud engine.

Font alignment analysis Font spacing and alignment checks performed by our Anti Fraud engine.

Duplicate search Detect when applicants try to re-use personal data connected to an existing user.

Known face search Filter out suspicious users by monitoring databases for blocklisted or duplicate persons.

Product Integration

Web SDK / Mobile SDK integration Start verifying users in just 1-2 weeks with our customizable and user-friendly widget.

Session generation via API Generate a single session using Amani's pre-built SDK via API.

Document upload/download via API

Pure API integration If SDK isn't an option for you, you can integrate our solutions via API.

Webhook configuration Set up automatic notifications for specific events via email, messenger, or whatever channels work best for you.


Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with 50 free checks available.

No, you will be charged for successful verifications only.

Yes, you can change the plan at any moment. Contact our customer support to get help with choosing the plan that best fits your needs.

We accept credit cards for all plans.

No, the setup is absolutely free.

The commitment is a minimum amount that you pay each month. Once you exceed this amount, you will be charged a prorated amount for all additional checks.

No, if you go with the Growing Plans, you will be charged a monthly commitment and a prorated amount for all additional checks. For the Enterprise Plan, a custom rate will be offered.

For Organizations with Strict Onboarding Requirements

Video KYC

Take advantage of everything Amani Ai offers with all-in-one verification portal. Verify documents, business entities, and transactions; review corner case quickly; and customize verification flows for maximum pass rates worldwide.

  • Real-time Video verification
  • Powerful combination of KYC Experts and A.i
  • Background Checks in seconds
  • Instant Verification Details
  • ID Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Address Verification
  • Audit Trails and Checklist History
  • User Data Security Measures


Receive verification status updates instantly during the live video interview.

  • ID Card verification details
  • Original documents
  • Liveness checks
  • Instant background check results

KYC Process

No interruption by taking required technical and organisational measures.

  • Live video interaction with agent
  • Customer’s consent to proceed further
  • Liveness detection through facial recognition

Seamless Video
KYC Calls

Minimal training needed to implement live video KYC call verification

  • Biometric re-authentication engine
  • High assurance identification with 4D Biometrics engine

Audit Trail

Video calls are recorded and stored with key interaction time stamps for easy playback for a full audit trail.

  • Full video recordings
  • Full video voice recordings
  • Easy playback with key interaction time stamps

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