Age Verification

Securely and easily verify users’ ages

Prevent age-restricted content, services, products and venues from being viewed and accessed by underage customers and remain fully compliant in the process.

Various age verification methods used

We offer more options than many other verification providers, giving your customer more choices.

Keeps you fully compliant

Adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, our solution ensures you remain 100% compliant.

Verification is fast and hassle-free

Our software makes the age verification online process as speedy as possible for the user, improving customer experience.

Age Verification at a glance

Our advanced technology enables a streamlined process that verifies customers’ ages in real-time, reducing the time and effort required for onboarding. Additionally, our robust security measures protect against fraudulent activity, giving both the business and customers peace of mind. By meeting compliance standards, we ensure that businesses can operate legally and avoid costly fines.

Our commitment lies in upholding best practices for age verification, thereby ensuring the delivery of safe and secure online services.

Sign up

Customer signs up and enters the age verification flow

The customer signs up to your application and enters the verification flow before uploading their ID Card and selfie to the system.

ID Auto-capture

Customer is directed to auto-capture their ID inside the guidelines

We auto-capture the document when in optimum conditions, preventing unnecessary failed checks. The customer easily places their ID inside the guidelines and completes auto-capture.

Face Capture

Customer uploads their selfie without the need of user-prompting

Our advanced passive-liveness detection engine helps maintain the integrity of the verification whilst improving the user experience.

Verification Complete

Customer completes the age verification process in under 30 seconds

Once the user has completed the verification flow, all data is cross checked, validated and stored on our document management studio.


Age Verification for your industry

Trading Platforms

Crypto Exchanges



Dating Sites


Tobacco & Vaping


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