High Risk Transactions

Monitoring & compliance made simple

Be certain it’s your customers making high value transactions and profile changes on their accounts by adding a biometric recognition layer to your platform.

Give your users confidence

Biometric re-authentication will give your customers the ability to make high value transactions and transfers

Protect your brand

Safeguard not only your customers, but also your reputation from compliance failings.

Earn trust

Show the world you’re doing everything possible to protect your existing customers.

Driving Risk Transactions at a glance

Experience seamless and effortless monitoring and compliance of high-risk transactions with Amani. By incorporating our biometric recognition layer into your platform, you can confidently verify that it is indeed your customers who are engaging in high-value transactions and making profile changes on their accounts. Enhance user confidence, safeguard your brand’s reputation and establish trust by leveraging our solution.

Transaction Flow

High value Money Transfer

When user decides to make a transaction…

User confirms the desired transaction value and approve the transaction details before proceeding to the verification process.


The user will use BioLogin to verify themselves

The user captures a selfie and securely upload it for biometric face checks. This advanced verification step ensures a seamless and secure authentication process before making a high value transaction.

Transaction Complete

Biologin and the high value transaction is completed

Upon successful completion of the biometric login process, you can be certain that the transactions are being conducted by your verified customer, successfully concluding the high value transaction verification.

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