Delivery Verification

Verify that your courier completed delivery

Ensure your customers are successfully receiving high value goods from your courier.

Protect your brand

Safeguard not only your customers, but also your reputation from compliance failings.

Prevent fraud

Prevent ‘delivery didn’t arrive’ scams by requesting verification of the customer at doorstep.

Earn trust

Show the world you’re doing everything possible to protect your existing customers.

Delivery Verification at a glance

As your trusted courier delivers goods to a recipient, Amani facilitates the verification of the recipient’s ID and captures their selfie for a meticulous biometric check. Through this seamless integration, our process ensures the smooth completion of the delivery, elevating the levels of security and instilling utmost trust in your customers.

Delivery Registration flow

ID Verification

Verify recipient’s ID for a thorough identity check

Conduct a comprehensive identity verification by verifying the recipient’s ID, which includes thorough checks such as database verification, age verification, and other relevant measures.


Get assurance that the recipient is the right person

Achieve complete confidence in confirming that the recipient of the package is actually the intended individual, thereby guaranteeing a highly secure and accurate delivery verification process.

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