Identity Verification

Online Identity Verification for Fast, Secure User Onboarding

Verify identity data quickly and securely to ensure good customers are onboarded seamlessly, whilst fraud is prevented and compliance regulators are satisfied.

Access global data sources

Run rigorous identity verification checks no matter where an individual is located, preventing fraud and meeting compliance regulations.

Fully configurable

Set your own rules to allow the technology to automatically decide who is safe to onboard.

Detect and deter fraud

Identify fraudsters at the point of onboarding through innovative identity data sets and checks to ensure you’re only onboarding customers you can trust.

ID Verification at a glance

Our advanced technology enables a streamlined process that verifies customers’ identities in real-time, reducing the time and effort required for onboarding. Additionally, our robust security measures protect against fraudulent activity, giving both the business and customers peace of mind. By meeting compliance standards, we ensure that businesses can operate legally and avoid costly fines.

Sign up

Customer signs up and enters the ID verification flow

The customer signs up to your application and enters the verification flow before uploading their ID Card and selfie to the system.

ID Auto-capture

Customer is directed to auto-capture their ID inside the guidelines

We auto-capture the document when in optimum conditions, preventing unnecessary failed checks. The customer easily places their ID inside the guidelines and completes auto-capture.

Face Capture

Customer uploads their selfie without the need of user-prompting

Our advanced passive-liveness detection engine helps maintain the integrity of the verification whilst improving the user experience.

Verification Complete

Customer completes the ID verification process in under 30 seconds

Once the user has completed the verification flow, all data is cross-checked, validated and stored on our document management studio.


ID Verification for your industry

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