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The most secure & innovative client portal

Automate renewals, investigate exceptions, set risk protocols, export data and integrate with third party datasets.


Automate the renewal process effortlessly, saving time and ensuring timely updates for clients.


Effortlessly investigate exceptions within the client portal, enabling swift resolution and improved client satisfaction.

Set Risk

Set up tailored risk protocols to mitigate potential risks effectively, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Integrate with
3rd Party datasets

Integrate seamlessly with third-party datasets to enrich client information and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Comprehensive Document and Fraud Checks

Access all uploaded documents and selfies, alongside detailed fraud checks including cross checks, liveness detection, MRZ, and biometric checks. Easily override any field manually for error correction.

Manual Intervention Capabilities

Manually override or blacklist profiles and correct OCR data with Amani Studio’s client portal. With an impressive 99.6% OCR field accuracy, ensure precision and control over user profiles.

Full Audit Trail Functionality

Enjoy peace of mind with a complete audit trail of all customer profile actions, logged and timestamped for regulatory compliance. Amani Studio prioritizes security by providing transparent internal monitoring.

Accessible AML History

Track current and past AML checks performed on users within Amani Studio’s client portal. Stay informed and compliant with a clear overview of AML verification history.

Device and Location Verification

Verify user authenticity by reviewing device and location data, ensuring users are operating within the correct jurisdiction.

Data Export Options

Export customer profile data as PDF documents for internal use or distribution to users.

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