Smart Modules

Modules that will strengthen your onboarding journeys

Add-on modules that add an extra security layer to your verification process whilst improving overall customer experience


Introduction to Plug-Ins

Require users to provide additional information, such as an address document, digital signature for contract conclusion. Perform extensive AML checks and remediate legacy documents for a 100% trusted environment.

Improve security

Help protect sensitive data and prevent identity theft or other security breaches.

Reduce risk

Protect your businesses and organisations from financial losses and legal liabilities.

User experience

Make your users feel more confident and secure when using your platform.

Amani Studio

Amani has designed the most secure & innovative client portal in the industry as well as letting you automate renewals, investigate exceptions, set risk protocols, export data and integrate with third party datasets.

AML & PEP Screening

Pre-empt financial crime and reduce compliance risks & costs with the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to acquire AML/CFT data on a regular & continuous basis fully integrated in our Studio.

Address Verificiation

Efficiently extract an individual’s address from their identity document through OCR and match against the user provided address in real-time

Smart Contracts

Auto-populate contract templates with personal data extracted from ID documents to eliminate data entry errors

Digital Signature

Sign and conclude contracts with your customers online without any additional hardware.

Bulk Upload

Bulk transfer large amounts of data via a simple PDF, JPEG or JSON file upload for a super easy migration process.

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