For Organizations with Strict Onboarding Requirements

Video KYC

Take advantage of everything Amani Ai offers with all-in-one verification portal. Verify documents, business entities, and transactions; review corner case quickly; and customize verification flows for maximum pass rates worldwide.

  • Real-time Video verification
  • Powerful combination of KYC Experts and A.i
  • Background Checks in seconds
  • Instant Verification Details
  • ID Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Address Verification
  • Audit Trails and Checklist History
  • User Data Security Measures


Receive verification status updates instantly during the live video interview.

  • ID Card verification details
  • Original documents
  • Liveness checks
  • Instant background check results

KYC Process

No interruption by taking required technical and organisational measures.

  • Live video interaction with agent
  • Customer’s consent to proceed further
  • Liveness detection through facial recognition

Seamless Video
KYC Calls

Minimal training needed to implement live video KYC call verification

  • Biometric re-authentication engine
  • High assurance identification with 4D Biometrics engine

Audit Trail

Video calls are recorded and stored with key interaction time stamps for easy playback for a full audit trail.

  • Full video recordings
  • Full video voice recordings
  • Easy playback with key interaction time stamps

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