March 16, 2023

Selin Türkmen
Business Development Manager

Are We Approaching a Passwordless Society?

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Passwords are the first defender of our security in the digital world. Passwords occupy such an important place in our lives, people are more likely to use only a few identical passwords or variations of similar passwords with only 1-2 characters changed throughout their lives. According to a 2019 Security Survey by Google, up to 65% of people reuse the same password for multiple or all of their accounts.

Repeated use of the same password is a serious security issue. When a single password is used for multiple websites or applications, breaching one of the accounts means access to all your accounts. This risk increases even more when it comes to the accounts of companies, especially at a time when remote working is so common and used.

The Problem with Passwords

Weak passwords are the root cause of many attacks in the digital world. Hackers launch an average of 50 million password attacks every day or about 580 per second. Even if we are assigned secure, complex and hard-to-understand passwords when creating a subscription to a website or application, we often create our own passwords by changing them. When creating passwords, we generally prefer passwords that partially meet the criteria, are easy to remember and even use in our other accounts. Finding an original password that is both secure enough to not risk accessing your account and difficult for you to personally remember is a complex task. You should also update your passwords regularly for the security of your accounts. Taken together, passwords make account creation a long and inefficient process.

Microsoft says “The use of passwords makes us increasingly vulnerable as the use of passwords becomes more predictable when creating them”, further claiming that “the password-free future is here.” In the digital world we live in, instead of using more and stronger passwords as a solution to this problem, eliminating passwords together with passwordless authentication can change our future. But what are passwordless authentications?


With the understanding of the seriousness of password security by the companies, the prevalence of the use of password is replaced by more up-to-date technologies. With the development of authentication tools, more organizations and websites are starting to implement passwordless approaches such as multi-factor authentication and biometrics. Passwordless authentication is a method of identifying a user without using a password. Instead of using passwords, more secure alternatives such as passwordless, biometric and one-time passwords are used.


Biometric authentication method uses personal characteristics of users such as fingerprint, facial recognition and even behavioral characteristics. Biometric verification, which is made with completely user-specific and unique features, is a method with a very low risk compared to the use of passwords that can be shared and even easy.

The Value Of Using Passwordless Authentication

A smoother customer experience:  Passwordless authentication is often much easier and faster for users than passwords. Users do not need to create a new and original password or remember existing old passwords. They can verificate and continue their experience faster and seamlessly. 

Reduced costs:  Maintaining and supporting a password-containing authentication system is expensive. Especially for large and user focused companies, a password-free authentication process helps with long-term savings.

Improve security:  Compared with passwords, hackers can’t crack biometrics. Stealing biometric information and hacking an account using a biometric verification system is nearly impossible compared to using a password.

Non-sharing solutions:  Passwords can be shared with others to make things easier, especially for internal use. Is it possible to share the password you use while accessing many of your accounts with other people? Unfortunately, this makes data security even more risky. Solutions such as biometrics are personal and cannot be shared as it can be understood. This allows the security to be more easily maintained.

Passwordless authentication and login continues to spread rapidly as the most innovative and secure option available. It seems that the popularity of these verification methods will continue to increase in the future due to the many pluses. At Amani, we are proud to be involved in passwordless authentication processes with our biometrics solutions. We believe that biometric authentication reduces the risks of identity compromise and paves the way for a safer future in the digital world.

In Summary

Password-free methods reduce account and access risks, while eliminating the need to create and remember a manual password. Also provides alternative ways to reduce cost, improve user experience, and increase security. The future is passwordless.

We invite you to reach out to Amani to learn more about proprietary biometric solutions and passwordless authentication systems. Stay safe!

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